Nutrition in Baltimore & Beyond

I use a functional, integrative, and personalized approach to nutrition that supports postpartum parents to feel like themselves again. My clients are often surprised that their energy, digestive, and skin symptoms have a shared root cause. We’ll use simple, strategic dietary approaches to help your body heal. You don’t have to follow any fad diet, and you don’t have to take every supplement you see advertised. We’ll figure out what changes will give you the greatest results with the least effort. Interventions include:

  • Real food nutrition, with practical recipes and sample menus
  • Personalized botanicals and supplements offered at a discount for clients
  • Mindfulness practices to support not just how you eat but also how you live your life
  • Additional lifestyle interventions based on analysis of signs and symptoms, lab results, and energetics

I know working with a new healthcare provider can be a leap of faith, especially if you’ve had your symptoms minimized, your preferences dismissed, or otherwise felt let down in the past. Before we decide to work together, let’s meet to make sure we’re a good fit!

During this 60-minute telehealth consultation, we’ll discuss your concerns, goals, needs, and challenges. I’ll conduct an assessment of your specific health needs and nutritional status, and then we’ll discuss where you’d like to be and how we can get you there. Your personalized nutrition plan will include relevant testing, dietary, coaching, lifestyle, and/or supplement recommendations that take into account not just your goals but also any practical constraints that need to be factored in to make the plan work for you.


You may check with your insurance company to determine if your coverage will apply to your nutrition consultation. I do not participate in insurance plans, bill your insurance company directly, or communicate with your insurance company on your behalf. Upon request, I will provide you with a coded receipt to submit to your insurance company for any applicable out-of-network reimbursement depending on your plan’s terms, conditions, and coverage. Sliding scale fee options are available for established clients.

Functional Lab Testing

I offer functional lab testing through Genova Diagnostics. Many lab testing kits can be sent directly to you and may be performed in the comfort of your home. Some common lab tests include:

  • Comprehensive stool analysis
  • SIBO breath testing
  • Lactose intolerance breath testing
  • Food allergy and sensitivity testing
  • Nutrient status evaluation
  • Hormone testing
  • Environmental toxin profiles

Practitioner-Grade Supplements

Clients who join my practice enjoy a 15% discount on the highest-quality, professional-grade supplements, nutraceuticals, and botanicals via my online Fullscript dispensary.

CNS Practice Experience

For individuals seeking CNS certification, I offer a limited number of self-directed internship opportunities on a rolling basis throughout the year.