Rachel is knowledgeable about holistic nutrition and creative in thinking up new solutions for problems. She is professional and competent while also being an excellent listener and a caring ally for her clients. I appreciate Rachel’s ability to help me manage my concerns and navigate the overwhelming amount of nutritional information available in today’s world. Her guidance and support have been and continue to be tremendously helpful. —A.C.

Rachel is the fourth nutritionist I’ve seen, and she has blown everyone else out of the water! —L.K.

After being diagnosed with microscopic colitis, I was prescribed a powerful drug to control my spastic colon. I took the drug for 1 ½ years, but I wanted to try to come off the medicine. A friend recommended Rachel, and we worked together for 6 months. Now I am totally off my medication. By eliminating foods that triggered my colon to spasm and adding good foods into my diet, I am feeling so much better. Thank you Rachel! —L.F.

With her guidance and coaching, Rachel has been a game-changer! —A.A.

The ability to go from guidance and mentorship to transform my approach to holistic nutritional methods and consistent exercise has morphed into a self-sufficient way of life. Throughout this journey, I was able to define my nutritional needs as well as pinpoint causes of my digestive obstacles. Rachel taught me accountability and self-motivation, which are essential to successful healthy living. Thank you Rachel, for being an encouraging nutritionist! —L.S.